Tuesday, 2 September 2008

toma: CREATURE 30 min

really happy with this one :)


Fieldscarecrow said...

You should be happy with this it looks really cool :)

I think it might look a bit more convincing if you punch the lightness up on the ent because he's in a distance so I don't think he should be darker than your foreground - but it might take away from the impact? I mean I really like the way he looks I'm just thinking about how it'd be in reality. His silhouette is badass imo, you done a great job with the weight distribution too considering you can't even see all his legs, and it really sells it.

I think the trees in the foreground look a bit cartoony compared to those in a distance, but it's also a nice style - again just thinking about realism, although I'm not sure if that's what you want to have in your artwork?

I just thought with a few tweaks you could change this from being a speedpaint into more of a finished piece. What do you think?

Anyway keep it up, you're always outdoing yourself which is awesome to see!

thomas li said...

heh thanks man, yeah i guess he wouldnt be lighter then the foreground, i guess i coudl spend more time on it but that kinda defeats the purpose of speed painting, its justa fun exercise aint it.

as for the trees looking cartoony, i used the same brush for all of them lol.

Fieldscarecrow said...

Haha well they work better smaller in a distance :D

Yeah it's true about speedpainting, but the opportunities always there to develop it if you like the piece enough, and I think this one could really shine! :D