Monday, 8 September 2008


Fieldscarecrow said...

Wow. This is BEAUTIFUL!

I love the depth you capture in your paintings, and you seem to get so much done in short amounts of time. I need to develop my workflow.

I think the sky and trees look great, the atmospheric depth is convincing.

I think the water is really nice but could do with a bit of work, it looks very static and I guess it would look like that in a photo but I think it would be even more convincing if it felt less solid and more fluid.

What do you think? :)

Joel said...

Thanks Dan for the great crit, I see what you mean about the water.
I think if I looked at more water references in the future I could better capture the fluidity of it.

Caroline Worsell said...

fab.How long did this take you? I like how you havent done it in extreme detail but it still looks very professional and conveys what its meant too.

I agree about the water, bit to solid looking, But im sure u can sort that out pickle.