Saturday, 18 October 2008

Subject Ideas

Ok we need ideas for each days subject!
What im going to do is make an automated post for each day for as far ahead in the future as I can, so what u guys need to do is write ur suggested subject as a comment on this post and i shall add it too the list. Ill jumble them up a bit so theres some suspense!!
Im gonna make each post scheduled which means it will come online bang on 8pm everyday, if you don't want the surprise ruined then don't look in the drafts section of this blog because they will all be there!

Speed painters assemmmmmmmmmmmbbbbbblllllleeeeeee

Hello people, the time has come to grow! I would like to welcome all the first years (and anyone else actually) into the prestigious speed painting guild.
If you are new to this basically we have a subject word and then have about an hour to create a picture related to that word. After that we post the image on here and comment on each others work to help each other improve.

Speed is a very a very highly rated attribute in the concept art world, so its good to practice. Also it helps to loosen you up, and find a style that fits with you well. Feel free to use any media you want, most of us use photoshop i think, but we have had some nice pics done with traditional media. Please make sure u do some geeky, stupidly funny pictures too, they are awesome.

Now that the course has grown I think we will have to change a few things, sadly no longer can we all join one massive msn convo and argue for ages on what word we want to do, there are just waay to many people. From now on what im going to do is create a new post everyday at 8pm which has that days subject in it, you guys can still pick the words, ill make another post in a sec which u can leave a suggestion on. Feel free to post other speed paints uve done as well, the more the better!

So if you want to be involved leave a comment on this post with the email you use for blogger then i shall make you an author of the blog. Enjoy!