Tuesday, 29 January 2008




yeah... the word was nomad but somehow in the time it took my stylus to hit the wacom my head changed the word to SPACE GYPO!!!

so i dunno what this guy is..?


The return of the Splama!


Well, nomads moving through the mountain pass :P

Monday, 28 January 2008


50 minutes


I kinda blitzed it with after effects in photoshop, but they helped it for once, I think.


My mate moonprincess from finland did this as well :D Enjoy :)


I did try for a background with this, but it really wasn't happening.

WOW! the first one i ever finished lol!

Tuesday, 22 January 2008


I'm just glad I came up with something other than a car, haha.

Elsewise it sucks. I'm using a new photoshop brush now, so it is a crisper image. But it took 10 mins... poor use of time. But the image doesn't feel like it wants more detail. Oh well.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008


Even though i picked the word, had no idea what to do :P so heres an Inca playin a flute :P *slaps self* must learn fast ways to render things!!
reference used for inca clothes

Dan H - Ancient

Wasn't sure how to paint this scene, looks flat and boring! :(

I wanted to paint a grand ancient city... please leave me some advice! cheers





Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Brotherhood- 1hour ish

Yea i found this one quite hard, i wanted it to be quite dark and rainey but found it difficult to make the characters stand out in it, just looks like a mess really


beh, pretty shit

50 mins

Oh my god...It's now 4:52am. I'm up so late because of this damn speed paint that has now become a hell of alot less speedy.
Here's the worked on version. HERE! TAKE IT!! *begins to cry*


I wanted to do more but didnt have time.


wasnt realy feelin the word.....thanks alot mike :P
not exactly the typical brotherly relationship, but ud do the same if you knew what he did

Pray to the Night Mother!

The Dark Brotherhood of Oblivion lol
Night Mother!


I decided to be creative with the word..............


A dark brotherhood assassin from Oblivion! I got really stuck for ideas on this one, and the leg positioning is terrible.



not the brotherhood I'd like to be in...

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Conept for a painting i will be doing!

Greek Mythology is my inspiration.
I did have a speed paint but like a fool did not save it so i have this concept to show.
But i will be trying to do it again soon.

J- back in the day inspiration

Mines so crap, I so cant draw marvel anymore...
I started off with one of those how to draw marvel books when i was reeeeel young


Not finished yet, so I'm going to work into this a bit more over the next hour or so...

This pic is of Calvi in Corsica, I went there a few times as a child. I'm sure you've heard of people going to their "happy place" well, this is mine...well, almost. I couldn't find reference images of the exact place... that's about 5 minutes walk away from here, along the beach.


Here's where I could be bothered to get to with my pic in the end.


Well I couldnt remember what inspired me so I did what will inspire me to do better. Long hours on my own, money to throw around, boobs and being famous for loads of people. Oh, and silly drawings (only just got a tablet)


No idea how long this took, i just stopped when everyone else did. Im not too happy with it but meh its all good practice.

Friday, 11 January 2008


Terminator and Arnold Swarzenegger inspired me at a young age, the graphics in Terminator 2 were so ahead of their time and revoloutionary.

Childhood Inspiration


Dan H - Inspiration

A painting of my brother performing in our old band. He has brought me a lot of inspiration throughout my life, especially the songs that he writes.


Going waaaaaaay back! My mediocre talents couldn't capture it properly.

Super Villain - Megatron!!

Thought I'd give this subject a try and actually very much enjoyed doing it. I decided to try a different approach and go for hard full opacity brush strokes to create this style. I was thinking of going for more of a clean methodical brush stroking approach but that's not really me so decided upon energetic dynamic lines.

Oh yea and just played around quickly of changing the background to black to produce a more sinister scene(?)


Thursday, 10 January 2008


No reference, but one of my favourites so far.


I was in the ZONE tonight!

45 mins

J- OrganicProject Related roots ish (35mins)

Drew for about 30mins then spent 5 dodging and burning in one colour :)


OH NO SWAG FACTOR 5! we didnt think it was possible.........

Roots - to help us remember what inspires us

The work that I used to enjoy always had heavy roots in psychology or philosophy. This work is based on elements of the mind, the Id, Ego and Superego. I use colours to represent those different aspects, the different coloured eyes are supposed to symbolize the contained Id and Superego. I've produced work based on this topic before, and was never really concerned with realism in my 2d art. Its hard to express yourself when your preoccupied with realism.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Mcfluffys Cleaning Agent - removes tough stains


I really hate my speed paint for today, and to top it off this one wasn't even speedy -_-

1 hr


Corel Painter again, this time I've realised I don't like the Goache brushes much. I felt like I was fightign against them the entire time. Yes the anatomy is off.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008


Thought I'd give cel-shading a go! (hope that's the right term for this approach...)

45 mins


Muscle or Bone
35mins ish

This is how Sea Rabbits are born..... they hatch out of mussels

Monday, 7 January 2008