Sunday, 30 December 2007

Saturday, 29 December 2007


Dan H - Antihero

Looks like I just drew an evil character... well I suppoe it kinda works as an antihero, a hero that doesn't match up to what's typically known as a hero.

Initially I wasn't intending to make it so dark but I just naturally went in that direction. So what's the deal with this character? I don't actually know... you tell me!


50 mins


Will hopefully have a scanned version up soon, until then I'll have to put up a photo

Friday, 28 December 2007

Dan H - Glutinous

bwahahaha this is quite silly but it was good practise none the less, never painted anything like it before :)


The old Glut, look at how it camouflages itself against the vivid colours of an alien sky.

Glutinous....or Glutteny if you would prefer.....

Wednesday, 26 December 2007


New tablet for crimbo, just a rough little bday test. 50 min

Sunday, 23 December 2007


The idea being that its some kind of sun god, who carries a sun which gradually slides down his back, causing winter, then eventually he lifts it back up again to cause spring. Not the best idea ever, but I was feeling uninspired.


Events conspired against me with this one, but I tried.

Sliding -45mins J

Rippin through the 80's
Damn why don't people dress in outrageous colours anymore.....

Dan H - Sliding

I enjoyed this one... photoshop froze for a while but it was just quick paint anyway! I think I managed to capture what I was after :)

Friday, 21 December 2007


Didn't end up in a conversation, so got somebody to give me the word of trip
Don't worry, I'm sure they'll all be fine


Was messing with custom brushes, an thort id do the topic from last night


Random Speed Paint, 35 mins

I finished my cow

Got a bit bored, could have been a bit better but i wanted it finished!!

Thursday, 20 December 2007


My tablet pressure sensitivity isn't working. Argh.

Jason's cow

Jay's little speed paint. he thinks u should have stuck with shotgun.

Dan H - Cow

It's a red cow... leave it alone it's grazin! I enjoyed this paint, fun word but I thought I'd just attempt something standard nothing clever, first time I've made brushes for a speedpaint. :)


Ok i have had to post the ref picture as well or u will actually think i am a retard myself!Mine is so blatantly not finished so i sketched in what i hadnt done. I didnt want a normal lookin cow!

Fun Timesand now for my fun attempt at it....




30 mins from reference

Cow 40 min, 10 spent laughing

im all for gm food so i thought i would do a premotional poster, feel free to print it out...........

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Dan H - Piano

Oh didn't realise there was a speedpaint session, was nothing up when I checked earlier... anyway I done this one with a friend word was 'piano'. 15 mins for fun! and look at how terrible it is.



it looked better in my head, cliche for the lose


ruin 20 min

this is shit what a crap concept


Just trying to catch up with some speed paintings i missed!!!

Tuesday, 18 December 2007



erm yea soooo unfinnished. detail needed.


Thats both the topic an what i think of this pic, catastrophic!!!
KInda hits me in the face to say I need to learn colour theory, cant go off with my usual hit an miss colour choices as per usual :P

Dan H - Cataclysm

It's supposed to be a bar after an earthquake but it doesn't look anything like a bar... or an earthquake, looks like someone just killed loads of people on a train track hahahaha. That's my result with MSpaint and a touchpad :)
Good word, would like to try it again!


Well i tried!


less than 30 mins, I wan't really feeling very inspired. I cheated with a bunch of overlays, too :/

Dan H - Self Improvement

Ahh I was hoping to have missed last nights speedpaint and come do it this morning but it turns out you guys didn't do one!

Anyway so I asked a friend if he'd like to do a speedpaint and he chose the words 'self improvement' and I thought it was interesting and come up with this!

I think my painting turned out quite boring but I learned a lot from it! especially with trying to paint mountains quickly. More importantly I like the meaning behind it 'we improve by climbing mountains'.

Sunday, 16 December 2007


Not overly pleased with it.

Note to self: If it's a speed paint, choose a perspective I can work out in considerably less than the time limit.


Storm 30 minutes

Dan H - Storm

Thought I'd try 'the calm before the storm'... definitely going to try paint more scenes like this! really enjoyed this one although I didn't quite get around to finishing it.


This was a pretty abysmal failure

Storm - 30mins J

I really liked this one, went for the lightning storm...

Final- 30 min

i went more for the "last stand" meaning of final