Friday, 21 December 2007

I finished my cow

Got a bit bored, could have been a bit better but i wanted it finished!!


Fieldscarecrow said...

Gosh that cow has such a nasty mouth lol I know what you mean about wanting to have a piece finished when you know you could do it better.

The horns make me think of bananas with melted chocolate on them :P

Louise Roberts said...

Lol this is so awesome!

Caroline Worsell said...

yeah they do dan! ha ha
but like i duno im still learning the techniques and i didnt want to take too much longer on it to be honest. I do stil find it difficult sometimes to do speedpaints and use photoshop for things like this as im unsure what to use but hey! i give it a whack...

nobody else did anything like it :D

a cow with an open mouth? wot more u want lol