Friday, 30 November 2007

SUBAKA BENKUN!!! weasel 30mins

Al - Weasel

Slaney sniffs out another: Weasel

In my line of work, the only things worse than the criminals themselves, is dealing with the weasels who rat 'em out. No honour among thieves is the old saying...means alot these days...



Weasley gets weaseled

Dont ask because I dont know :P

Lord Weasel

He is a weasel of distinction.


I dont like weasles.(and im not evil)XD

Larry, the weasel

OMG!!!! AWESOMENESSS!?!?!!!!!!!!!!

This wins....

yeah... 5 mins woo!!!!

oh yeah Weasel tastic

Ha ha u where all like "Ben ur too drunk to do speed painting" but i proved u all wrong! look what i did:
the patented "weasel brush" (seen at the bottom of the image) is avalible to anyone that wants it...........


A speed paintin i did with the guys today in ye olde fletcher, usual 30-40 mins


I don't think I'll be able to make tonight's session so I done this, took about 30-40 mins but I need to learn how to paint clouds! any help would be appreciated :)

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Alex Tuck
I'm posting for Alex until he gets blogger under control :)


Would have liked more time on it to fix the lighting and such, but nevermind.

Augmentation - approx 45 mins...

Wooo I got my new wacom pen today!


I tried to create something non-vulgar, I truely did...

This took about 20 mins. The previous idea fell right on it's face

Augmentation 45mins J

Couldnt quite get the lighting i wanted

Slaney: Augment

The humble strength of the forgers, font. Anyone for Marshmallows?


According to google, an augmentation can be honours added to a crest or shield, so this is apparently my family crest, again according to google. Would probably photograph a little better with dry paint.



Sorry about the facelessness.
I always leave the face too late to finish it...


Augmented - In Big Brother's Clothes.

DanH - Augmentation

This one was pretty fun :)


Long words are long

Augmentation Speed paint

Tried a diff style of painting this time, still ran out of time :/ the woman was supposed to be sticking her hands into a 'beauty' machine showing her dependence or something - Carter

I spent most of the time limit thinking about this one. and my idea was augmentation as the evolution of weaponry since the beginning of human kind. Which brought bows and arrows to mind....

I then thought about augmentation as the improvement of the earth, and i thought what better way to improve it than to wipe humans off it....

so i combined these ideas... very negative huh?

Wednesday, 28 November 2007


Armored car vs SRAW missile :-
SRAW wins :)

how the dinosaurs were REALLY wiped out


dearest becis speed paint, ppl wont add her to the blog, SHAME ON U, but yeah, heres hers :)

Slaney's Impact



Uuurgh... getting worse!





To be honest it's more like "Almost Impact" but i kinda think its so close u can almost feel it:

Prophecy sucks balls..............

You'l only get it if you've played Skies of Arcadia...


Al - Impact

The topic was Impact. Straying away from Meteors, there is this. The Poppadom will still be mine. MWAHAHA

Impact: My Worst Picture in Ages

45min speed paintin

i had to repost sorry ......flaming skull

Impact under 45 min

thank you watercolour filter!


Holy ravioli Batman, WHAMMY

Tuesday, 27 November 2007


In my defence I only used my laptops touchpad to draw this. Unfortunately it probably wouldve turned out the same with a mouse

Omnipresent.....Big word for a big headache

My one, Omnipresent, If you didn't like the word, then tough. As i would say to Dr Jones: "Man Up"

My Brothers attempt is a photo-collage, with liberal smudging. Although not an artist, (Unless on the football pitch) You can see that the composition is very good. Proof that the artistic eye runs in this VERY talented family...


Yeah whoever came up with Omnipresent needs to b slapped with unorthodox implements :P
but yeah chavs, their everywher, an they all look the same o_O


Omnipresent - carter