Thursday, 3 January 2008

Storm - improvement!

I decided to improve on my previous storm scene which looked like cluttered crap and decided on this "calm before the storm" approach.

I'm starting to like painting clouds! Not as hard as it sounds to be honest because of the fluffy nature/texture of clouds, it's fairly easy to blend colours and shadow to light tone together.

That's just my thoughts though.

This took 1 hour however. So 35mins more than the previous goddamnit!



Attar said...

Yea that's a big improvement over the original - would be nice to see this piece developed a bit further.

Perhaps put in a horizon line and some suggestive strokes indicating mountains/valleys then add some silhouetted figures in the foreground for a sense of scale.

David Cheung said...

Cheers mate. I'll give that a try!