Saturday, 12 January 2008

Conept for a painting i will be doing!

Greek Mythology is my inspiration.
I did have a speed paint but like a fool did not save it so i have this concept to show.
But i will be trying to do it again soon.


David Cheung said...

Very best of luck to ya. Would be a reeeeal nice concept painting.

Martin Dent said...

Yeah im thinking it could take a bit longer than your average photoshop sesh! lol

David Cheung said...

well, if you know that's for sure then i hope you produce an amazing piece! or you believe it's something to improve on your photoshop skills.

Just wanted to say the "PB" system you mentioned is interesting. Gona try to always have that in mind.


Fieldscarecrow said...

Do your best! :)

I like forward to seeing it.

kiss my Beard said...

could be a bit crowded tho man, I'd space out the ref alil more but its upto u