Wednesday, 2 January 2008


Well, finally managed to actually pull my finger out and do some speed painting...although very late!

So I apologise but heres the bunch i've done so far.

Ruin - 25mins

Didn't really turn out too well, lost the appeal to draw something from this.

Cataclysm - 30mins

Somehow made the sky look quite nice but the foreground objects look pretty out of place.

Storm - 25mins

Hmm. Lacks detail and looks cluttered? Don't really like this one but meh.

Glutinous - 20mins

"Who's that Pokemon?!?" Just a snorlax devouring the earth as it does.

Anti-Hero - 30mins

"Guyver 3" - a character based on the manga/anime series "Guyver".

1 comment:

Fieldscarecrow said...

No need to aplogise we're all here for our own progress!

I think the cataclysm piece outshines the rest, it almost looks like it was made in a 3d program.

Guyver! haha I heard there's a new series out, I wonder if it's any good.