Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Dan H - Ancient

Wasn't sure how to paint this scene, looks flat and boring! :(

I wanted to paint a grand ancient city... please leave me some advice! cheers


Attar said...

hey, hope you don't mind but a did a quick 10min paintover on your image.

i think the reason your original image looked kinda flat was because there wasn't really any sense of scale or depth.

just by adding in some foreground/middle and background details it just breaks up the composition and makes it look a bit more interesting imo.

also by adding a something like a boat or a person it gives an indication of relative sizes and distances within an image.

hope that helps.

Fieldscarecrow said...

Thanks a lot! that's a ton of help :)

Michael Powell said...

hey! i'd already told you about using atmospheric depth...

naughty boy, back of the class