Monday, 1 September 2008

lost in surf

i was trying to capture that feeling when you wipeout surfing and are just in this weird limbo under the water for a bit, you dunno whats up or down, cant really see anything you just know where the light is coming from a bit, kinda like being in a bit washing machine lol.

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Fieldscarecrow said...

Never been wiped out surfing or in a washing machine thankfully but you've given me a good idea of what you were going for and I think you captured it brilliantly!

I like the way you painted the skin because it creates a strong sense of movement, the whirly things in the image also create a strong sense of movement, the abstract design helps show that it's a feeling and not just a scene of someone being washed out.

I like the flow of the body and the hair seems good too, though I don't know much about hair, I think you could work on her shape a little and ease on the amount of lines used around the hips/waist because she seems a bit stocky unless that's what you were going for.

The bubbles are okay, but I think you could make them match the art style of the rest of the image to create more consistency.

Keep it up!