Saturday, 1 December 2007


Again, not very happy with it. Why do I never get human references when I should?


Sophia said...

One of my faves I think Alex - love it!

Byren said...

lol, really funny idea man

Del Walker said...

Made me Laugh Out Loud.
It's really kool. But you was lazy!
You used lighting filters!!

its still hilarious though.

Alex Holt said...

I didnt use them actually, just got a big brush of one colour and then a smaller brush of white, I literally had about a minute to go so had to rush it.

Drizzt said...

looks great m8, really nice wizardly colours and lighting but only great from the bottom of the shirt up, change the legs or chop them off and i'm sure it'll look much better :D good work m8 :D