Saturday, 5 July 2008

Wistfully Thoughtfully - Del

Random Word Generator gave me: PensiveThink i almost captured the mood. Not so sure about this one :(


Fieldscarecrow said...

I like this a lot I think it's one of your best paintings!

There is a really nice warmth and now I can finally see what you mean about adding a hint of the opposite colour of an object in the shadows, at least I think that's what you've done here and it really sells the piece!

It looks different to your usual work, like it has a lot of life in it in the same way a well captured photo can have life if you know what I mean. How did you achieve the texture?

I think this is a great expression of your colour theory knowledge, Keep going!!!

Del Walker said...

wow. thanks so much dood.

i just used one of the standard gritty brushes in PS with a low 'flow' to create the texture. it took only a couple of seconds.

i really didnt think much of it until you noticed me trying to apply colour theory.

now i suddenly think its okay :)