Monday, 11 February 2008

Mini Projects

Just to let people know that I'd been considering setting up a kind of weekly mini project thing to do, it would go up on Friday (on a blog of its own, if there are enough people to do it) ad it would essentially be roughly similar to the mini projects we've had from Heather or Chris. I was intending to keep it to 'real world' things rather than 'fantasy' or similar.

The result could be either 2D or 3D (or both) but would basically be in a relativly simple format.
I would essentially post a picture of an environment and ask people to design a particular somethign that goes in the environment. I could for example post a street scene and ask for a character, or just design something that looks like a real world animal or veichle or similar for a given enironment.

The idea is basically so it lets us develop more subtle imaginative abilities to design things that could actually exist rather than going for the fantastical all the time, it's more an imagination excercise that either the speed paint or speed modelling, which are more about artistic abilities.

Anyway, thoughts, comments or just generally seeing if people are interested or not would be welcome, just reply to this post.


Joel said...

I think it's a pretty good idea, any practice is good. I'll take part if you start it up.

Byren said...

I'm in